My current work explores the phenomenon of memory formation, both on the individual and the societal level. I am interested not only in what is remembered, but also what is forgotten. On the individual level, the primary mediator of this process of remembering and forgetting is the family. On the societal level, it is the dominant culture. In both cases the default is to remember that which is cohesive and forget that which is divisive.

My sculptural methods are addition and assembly rather than the more traditional casting and carving. My materials are wood, Plexiglas, and photographic images. While I use both new and used materials, I find myself drawn to the used and the found, particularly the remnants of other processes. Remnants as a material fit well with the exploration of memory, since they themselves come to me with their own history, a memory of past uses and associations. As I work, I find myself in conversation with my materials. Used materials have a more distinctive voice and, if I listen carefully before I respond, my work takes on more life.